Ingredient Feature: Calendula

Ingredient Feature: Calendula

Calendula is a botanical in the aster family. 

It’s a beautiful plant with bright yellow or orange flowers that are quite sunny and happy looking. In fact, calendula is a cousin of the ultimate solar flower: sunflowers.

Calendula is most often used externally for its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. It’s incredibly soothing for the skin, and helps with healing sunburns, old burns, chapped skin, cuts, abrasions, and diaper rash. It also inhibits the degradation of collagen, which is why it’s considered a plant that supports healthy aging of the skin.

Fresh calendula blossoms  can be added to summer salads for a pop of color!

At SallyeAnder, we use Calendula in our Calendula & Dandelion Essential Soap, Sunshine Essential Soap, Calendula & Chamomile Shampoo Bar and Heavy Duty Hand Therapy . We love it year round, but summer is the season when it shines the most! 

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