Why you should raise the bar on clean skin.

Why you should raise the bar on clean skin.

The widespread use of liquid soap is relatively recent. Bar soap has been around for centuries, but liquid soap was invented in the mid-nineteenth century. Bar soap is made with simple ingredients: some form of fat (we use olive and vegetable oils) saponified with an alkali (lye). In contrast, new technology and more advanced chemistry processes in the 1800s led to liquid soap and shower gels. The fact is that liquid soaps and gels take much more energy to produce. Moreover, gels (such as shampoo, shower gel, and dish soaps) also use petroleum derivatives. Because they are not made with saponified fat, various chemical ingredients are added in order to "cleanse", "moisturize" and not irritate the skin. 

A 2009 study conducted in Switzerland found that the carbon footprint of liquid soap is 25% larger than bar soap on a per-wash basis. Not to mention all the plastic packaging that can be avoided when opting for bar soap.

Of course, not all bar soaps are created equal; some are not as natural and may contain artificial fragrances known to be hormone disruptors. 

At Sallye Ander you'll find the cleanest, most natural soap bars. They are milled traditionally and are olive oil based, making them super moisturizing and durable. Various plants are added for their soothing, anti-inflammatory, and protective properties for the skin. Sallye Ander bars are scented only with the purest essential oils, and offer unscented options too. Best of all, we've been making soap bars not just for hands and body but also shampoo and shave bars even before it was cool. We even offer unique specialty soaps like:

  • No-Bite-Me insect-repellent bar, 
  • Poison-Ivy bar that provides relief from the itch and inflammation caused by that plant
  • Hogwash!, a utility hand soap that doubles as a laundry stain remover!

Let's raise the bar on clean skin care!

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