Calendula Dandelion Soap
Calendula Dandelion Soap
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Calendula Dandelion Soap

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Organic calendula and dandelion from Hudson Valley farm: both excellent for eczema

For centuries herbalists have used the healing properties of calendula and dandelion to treat a variety of skin conditions and they still recommend them today. Gary Austin began SallyeAnder to find a non-irritating, soothing soap for his son’s eczema. Always on the lookout for more ways to relieve eczema irritation, Gary turned to two traditional anti-inflammatory herbs: calendula or pot marigold, and dandelion. Both grow abundantly in our beautiful Hudson River Valley and we use the organic blossoms from local growers to make this soap that is then fragranced with sweet tea olive and rose organic essential oils. It’s an elegant and gentle two-layer soap that shows flecks of the flower petals and smells absolutely wonderful. Dandelion and calendula work together to tone, soothe and diminish dry, irritated skin. The delightful scent is a welcoming wake-up for your morning shower or evening bath. Whenever you use it, your skin will be glad you did. For dry, irritated skin.

olive oil blend, organic calendula, and organic dandelion blossoms; sweet tea olive and rose essential oils 



Thank you Common Ground Farm for supplying us with organic herbs!


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