Frequently Asked Questions

Our Company

Who is SallyeAnder?

SallyeAnder was the nickname my Dad (Founder Gary Austin) gave Sadie, his long time childhood neighbor and adopted Great Aunt. She was an honest, no-nonsense woman who lived on her family farm in the heart of the Adirondack Mountains. She was a wonderful example of hard work and can-do spirit and taught my dad about the natural world and self-sufficiency. She was never taken in by what was cheap or trendy. That is why my parents named the company (and me) with her in mind.

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Our Products

Are your products safe to use for kids, pregnant and lactating mothers?

Yes, all of our products are hypoallergenic, natural and safe for infant skin, kids, pregnant and lactating mothers.

Our Soaps

Why don’t your soaps lather?

Our soaps are not created the same as other soaps, therefore their lather is different. Naturally, our soaps create a creamy texture as you wash. We do not add chemical lather enhancers. Instead, we recommend physically creating the lather with your hands or using a soft sponge. Lather is NOT crucial for cleansing, it only means that the soap is dissolving rapidly or has chemicals in it.

How long do your soaps last?

Our soaps last between 1 and 2 months in the shower with daily use and even longer when just used as a hand soap!

Why are your soaps square?

In the SallyeAnder soap making process, our soap becomes very hard. It can be very difficult to cut and mold, so we’ve designed our own soap cutting device that gives you a large 4.6-ounce bar. It can be a different experience when first hold the bar, but as you use the bar, the edges become soft. We think they begin to look like beautiful river stones.

Why do your soaps smell so strong?

We get this question a lot! Our soaps are made with pure, 100% essential oils. No fillers or fake fragrance oils. Natural essential oils make for a very strong, soothing bar of soap. The best part about the strength of our bars is that when mixed with water, the scent of the soap becomes even more powerful!


What is the oil base of your soaps?

We use a mix of pure olive and vegetable oil in our soaps. We do not use coconut or palm oils.

Are your products Vegan?

The following products are NOT vegan:
Milk & Mint Soap (cow milk)
Almond Goat Milk Soap (goat milk)
Organic Rose Soap (cow milk)
Golden Clay Mask & Scrub (egg powder)
Rose Clay Mask & Scrub (egg powder)

Do you use Coconut or Palm Oil?

We have never used coconut oil or palm oil in our products.

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