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Shaving sensitive skin can be a pain. SallyeAnder’s Almond & Oatmeal Shave Soap is blend of oils and butters to give a smoother, non-irritating glide.

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An amazing shave bar for perfect razor glide and protecting sensitive skin

Shaving sensitive skin can be a very painful procedure. That’s what got us thinking that, because of our knowledge gained from more than 32 years of making essential soaps for irritated and sensitive skin, we are the right people to make a superior shaving experience. SallyeAnder Almond & Oatmeal Shave Soap is a soothing, smoothing bar of comforting ingredients. Olive oil and vegetable oils, essential almond oil, organic oatmeal and our butter blend – shea and cocoa – complete the bar which sounds edible, in fact, it is, although it is more enjoyable as a shave bar. It’s ultra-convenient. When you travel or head for a workout, all you need is this one small bar, which happens to last for two months with daily use. You have a great cleanse and a terrific shave, and you smell so good, you don’t need an aftershave! How perfect is that! Almond oil is a famous skin protectant and combined with oatmeal it provides a gentler, kinder shave with no razor burn or dryness. Almond & Oatmeal, the end result is as good as it sounds. For dry, sensitive skin.

olive oil, almond oil, organic oatmeal, and our butter blend of shea and cocoa

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Weight .31 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 2.5 in

4 reviews for Almond & Oatmeal Shave Bar

  1. shay830 (verified owner)

    Took a chance on this after using shaving cream my whole life. I was pleasantly surprised. This is a nice alternative to shave cream. For me it prevents nicks and cuts where cream doesn’t. Huge bar so should last long time. Smells nice too

  2. Patricia (verified owner)

    I wasn’t sure if this product was strictly for men and facial shaving, but I figured I’d give it a try! The shave soap is creamy and moisturizing, like the Sallyeander soaps. It creates a nice lather and an enjoyable shave. An earth-friendly bonus- there isn’t any packaging to throw away when the soap is gone! I will definitely be purchasing more when I’m through this soap, but it seems like it will last me a while! Thanks for another great product!

  3. Sallie


  4. Sallie

    Love this product!

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