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Useful Tips For Staying Fresh With A Mask On

Photo by Bára Buri on Unsplash

With the COVID-19 outbreak, masks are required in order to prevent the spread and keep people safe. While masks do a great job protecting us, they don’t always make our beauty routines easier. Read below about a few of the hacks you should consider as we navigate this new world of mask-wearing and to make the most of staying fresh during these times.

Wash your mask regularly

Perhaps one of the most irritating challenges that you face with daily mask-wearing is keeping your mask fresh. While many people have opted for cloth masks as a comfortable and reusable option, unwashed masks can, unfortunately, lead to breakouts from dirt buildup and unpleasant smells. 

Be sure to frequently wash your mask every few days to disinfect any germs and to keep your mask smelling and looking fresh. Try using this Hogwash soap as it doubles as a stain remover to remove smudges and is great for the whole family

Consider your vision options

Wearing a mask in public can be particularly difficult for anyone with vision problems. Since a mask must completely cover the nostrils in order to offer protection, this can make eyeglasses that sit on the bridge of your nose crooked, slip, or fog up constantly. Try finding a mask with metal wiring that better allows you to adjust where your nosepiece can sit comfortably or invest in a tie-behind-the-ears style mask to prevent unwanted fogginess.  

Now could also be a great time to look at different kinds of contacts online as an alternative to glasses. As one of the only visible facial features while wearing a mask, contacts let your eyes shine and can help you communicate nonverbal clues that are sometimes more difficult to relay while wearing a mask. Trying out contacts can take away a few of the irritating problems that come with pairing a mask and glasses while giving you a new and more comfortable look.

Focus on your skincare

By now you’ve probably noticed that your skin has seen some negative effects as a result of mask requirements, even when you properly wash and sanitize your mask. From breakouts to dryness, there are several problems that can occur. The first step to proactively take care of your skin during this time is to identify your skin type and purchase products designed to help with the problems you face.

The American Academy of Dermatology suggests several ways to prevent face mask skin problems. Now more than ever it is important to invest in quality facial products with nourishing ingredients. Additionally, you may need to adjust your use of certain products now that you are wearing a mask that traps in moisture.

Ramp up your oral hygiene 

One of the not so glamorous side effects of wearing a mask is dealing with your breath and chapped lips. While you may have thought you had great oral hygiene, your mask breath might have you thinking otherwise.

To combat this and keep your breath smelling fresh all day long, follow simple steps to stop bad breath—such as scraping your tongue when you brush, avoiding tobacco products, and staying hydrated. Consequently, because your mask is constantly covering your mouth, you may find that your lips are becoming chapped from lacking fresh air. Invest in lip balms made from beeswax for added moisture and to prevent dryness.

Don’t skip out on the SPF

A common mistake by mask wearers is forgetting to apply for adequate SPF coverage. Seeing as part of the face is now concealed, it makes sense why this step in your daily routine may have slipped to the back of your mind. It’s important to remember that your forehead, neck, and ears are still exposed and therefore subject to harmful UV rays.

Fortunately, wearing proper SPF coverage has many other benefits aside from protecting your skin, like helping boost your skin’s radiance and keep your skin feeling fresh and young. 

Wearing a mask certainly raises a few beauty concerns, but luckily you can stay ahead of these problems by trying out a few of these tips and tricks. Nothing is more refreshing than staying responsible and wearing your mask despite these challenges! 

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