We promise to

Use Olive Oil Blends

Our olive oil blend base creates a very mild base for your skin. Olive oil is considered an extremely safe oil to use on infant skin, skin irritations, and actually lowers the risk of dermatitis. Our olive oil blend is pressed from ancient vines in Spain and Italy. Our unique blend of olive oil actually holds the essential oils integrity properly in order to provide skin with powerful nutrients. Olive oil also helps our soap last longer than normal handmade soaps, our bars will last 2-3 months in the shower!

Use pure, edible, organic ingredients

If you can’t eat it, we don’t use it! Our products are made with only edible ingredients! Common Ground Farm and Fishkill Farms  are just two of the organic local farms we use for ingredients fresh from farms all over the Hudson Valley, here in New York. We make all our products from scratch – we never use manufactured soap pellets or chips!

Use the finest essential oils

We also work exclusively with true essential oils, from companies that have only the highest standards for plant life. Pure essential oils in all of our products, which is why each bar is so boldly fragrant!

Be handmade in the USA

We promise to not only be handmade in the USA but to generate jobs in our local community. Our employees live, and work here in New York, and throughout the USA. Our products are hand cut, hand wrapped, and labeled and hand shipped by our wonderful staff, each and every day. Our soap makers make 1,000 bars per day!

Never test on Animals

NEVER, ever, will we test on animals. Our products are made safely and tested safely.

Never use coconut or palm oils

Coconut oils are dangerous for people with severe allergies, and can be drying to skin. Coconut oil is also very soft, which is why coconut oil soaps disintegrate quickly. We will also never use, petroleum based lather enhancers, or any animal by products. Palm oils or sunflower oil,  will also never be used here!