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Renewing Heart and Spirit: The Evening Bath -Motherhood's Secret for Kids and Self after a Summer Day

Renewing Heart and Spirit: The Evening Bath -Motherhood's Secret for Kids and Self after a Summer Day

As a mother, juggling the demands of daily life can be incredibly stressful, but amidst the chaos, there are moments that fill my heart with warmth and joy. I sometimes forget that the evening bath after a long summer day can be a magical time when together, we can simply wash away the tensions of the day, along with all the dirt.

The Summer Day's End:

As the day melts away and the temperature cools, a sigh of relief echoes through every mother's heart. While our summer days are filled with laughter, summer camp, adventures, and exploration, they can also be exhausting for mothers and their little ones. The evening bath after these long days can help us relax and laugh at all the day's fun. The tubby becomes a precious opportunity for mother and child to unwind and reconnect.

I love using our No Bite Me Soap to rinse away all the summer spills, dirt and, at the same time, soothe any sneaky bug bites. This summer, especially in the Northeast, has been extremely buggy and humid, giving mosquitoes a haven to thrive. Our natural bug repellent No Bite Me cream is incredibly helpful throughout the day, and No Bite Me soap helps ward off mosquitoes that have snuck inside.

These sacred moments with my boys change as each one becomes older. My older boys prefer to shower with their favorite soap—right now, it is Lakeshore. But my youngest still prefers the tubby, and we work together to rinse away the day.

In those quiet moments, as I lather their little bodies with soap and they giggle at the bubbles, I am reminded of the boundless love that fills my heart. As we rinse off the cares of the day, I cherish every second of this precious time together.

The evening bath cleanses their bodies and washes away any remnants of frustration or weariness from my heart. The laughter, the splashing, and the warmth of the water create a loving atmosphere where stress evaporates and pure joy remains

As I wrap them in fluffy towels, their wet hair sticking to their foreheads, I feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude for these tender moments. Watching them grow and change, I know these days will pass too quickly. So, I savor every evening bath, knowing that it is a small, magical window in time that allows us to connect, bond, and love unconditionally. 

As the summer light fades and the sun sets on another adventure-filled day, I am grounded in these cherished moments, these simple acts of love that create memories that will last a lifetime. As a mother, there is no greater joy than embracing the magic of motherhood, especially during those evening baths that make even the most challenging days worthwhile.



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