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No-Bite-Me All Natural DEET Free Chemical Free Bug Repellent and After Bite Itch Releif

End the bug battles: "No-Bite-Me" offers a win/win

With rising mosquito and tick-borne illnesses, insect bites are no joke. It may be hard to believe such small creatures can cause so much discomfort, but it's true. Protecting yourself from insect bites outdoors is common-sense safety and essential to your well-being. It can make a significant difference between outdoor bliss and constant irritation. 

When you purchase a can of bug repellent from the drugstore, it's important to carefully read the instructions which say something like this: "The product should be sprayed or applied to all exposed areas of skin, except for any areas that are cut, rashy, irritated or sunburned. Be cautious not to get the repellent anywhere near your mouth or eyes. It's also recommended to spray your clothing to prevent insect bites, but avoid spraying the product on plastics, leather, synthetic fabrics other than nylon, and painted or varnished surfaces, such as furniture or cars. Additionally, it's crucial not to use bug repellent indoors" -- since you don't want to inhale it!


The Trouble with DEET

What the packaging won't tell you is that DEET, the active ingredient in most mass-market insect repellents, has been found to kill brain cells in rats. Soldiers using lots of DEET-based repellent in the Gulf War experienced memory loss, headache, weakness, fatigue, muscle and joint pain, tremors, and shortness of breath; DEET is also known to have nasty interactions with other chemicals, including lots of common medications. 

If that's not enough, your skin feels dry and sticky after being doused with a layer of ethyl alcohol, chemical fragrance, and DEET, and you do not smell much better to yourself or each other than you do to the mosquitos.

"No Bite Me" Saves the Day (or the Camping Trip)

We understand if you think that's not something you want in your life! That's why we developed SallyeAnder's "No-Bite-Me" Bug Repellent. Available as cream or soap, "No Bite Me" is formulated from herbs and essential oils that feel and smell good on your skin and won't hurt you in the least bit.


"No-Bite-Me" was born when SallyeAnder founders Gary and Karen heard their little one telling the bugs precisely that and decided to find the perfect formula to ensure their daughter's simple request got some respect in the insect world. Of course, they needed to abide by the SallyeAnder Promise: nothing but pure, edible ingredients; nothing artificial or synthetic; and no parabens, alcohols, or sodium lauryl sulfates.


How "No Bite Me" Works

Mosquitoes are drawn to human skin by our warmth and scent, which (to a mosquito) is a delicious blend of carbon dioxide, skin cells, and sweat. "No-Bite-Me" combines the power of multiple natural repellents. It uses a proprietary blend of herbs and essential oils that come together in a minty, herbaceous camouflage, giving mosquitos, black flies, fleas, and ticks the "No-Bite-Me" message: Move along, wee bitey ones, nothing smells tasty here!

Bugs will breeze on by or land and move on to another meal, relieving you of slapping them to smithereens. (That's their part of the win/win.)

How to Get the Best Results from "No-Bite-Me"

To deter nature's little minions of bloodsucking destruction, using "No-Bite-Me" cream, dot it on exposed skin, and blend in. Protection lasts up to for up to four hours. (You don't need to slather yourself; one jar lasts all summer for a family of four.) "No-Bite-Me" works for pets as well, keeping them safe from flea and tick misery. And if you forget to use "No-Bite-Me" and get bitten, dab a little on the bite for instant relief from sting and itch.

Made from the same pure ingredients, "No-Bite-Me" soap will repel bugs for two hours after use. Use it for your morning shower and garden, golf, or blissfully un-bugged coffee out on the patio. Use it on your camping trip: our all-natural formula is safe for lakes and streams.

Put to the test in overseas jungles and deserts, in the Everglades, and in the deep woods (our customers go to all the best places!) 

"No-Bite-Me" is a highly effective 2-IN-1 bug repellent and after-bite treatment. Grab a jar before your next expedition and say goodbye to harsh chemicals, torture by mosquitos, and tick terror.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's in this stuff?

Glad you asked! Though the exact formula is proprietary, "No Bite Me" is made with Olive Oil, Canola Oil, Soy Oil, Rosemary Oil, Beeswax, Lecithin, and Cedarwood, Lemongrass, Geranium, Clove, Spearmint, and Thyme Essential Oils. Research the ingredients; you'll find that each has repellent properties. 


I'm perfume and chemical sensitive; is "No Bite Me" safe for me?

Most people with perfume and chemical sensitivities find that "No Bite Me" doesn't bother them.


Where can I get some?

You can order "No-Bite-Me" directly from or use the website's Store Finder to locate a retail location if you can't wait.


Is it waterproof?

No-Bite-Me is not waterproof or sweatproof. Reapply after you get out of the water or more frequently on humid days.


How do I apply No-Bite-Me with sunscreen?

No-Bite-Me must be the most potent scent on your body, so apply your sunscreen first and then apply No-Bite-Me on top. 

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1 comment

  • This is by far the best stuff I’ve used to keep the bugs away. I use it religiously while birding during spring migrations. Repels mosquitos and black flies; also works on those tiny little biting “noseeums”. I’ve recommended No Bite me to many, and most of my large extended families are now using it as well!

    Pat C.

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