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How to tell what’s best for delicate skin in the long term

How to tell what’s best for delicate skin in the long term

Nourish skin around the eyes, and give babies’ skin a gentle touch

As we said in a previous blog, the skin on the human body is a remarkably intricate system and not all skin looks, feels, or is the same. Certain skin, such as that around our eyes (known medically as the adnexa which is part of the periocular area) has a unique anatomy.  

Skin around the eyes is thinner

Our eyes, in addition to helping us see, are also the focal point of our face. The skin around the eyes, the eye lid, and under the eye is ten times thinner than the skin on the face. It is an area, however, that is remarkably expressive, due in part to its elasticity. Every time we smile, frown, squint, blink, cry or laugh we’re putting this area to work. It’s also vulnerable to change according to our food, our mood, our stress levels, our environment, how much sleep we have, our age, and our health. 

Blinking amazing

Blinking helps protect our eyes from bright lights and irritants and is generally a beneficial event. We blink every four seconds on average and a blink lasts for about 1/10th of a second. Amazingly, this adds up to 28,800 blinks a day! However often you blink, throughout your waking hours these areas around the eye are hard at work, mostly without our noticing. Scientific research has found that blinking is a way for the brain to get a little break, and is therefore a stress reliever.

Skin around the eyes needs support

Because it’s thinner, more vulnerable, and harder working, skin around the eyes can reflect the passage of time, and some of our habits such as too much sunbathing, smoking or environmental exposure. Puffiness in the area under the eye can be due to too little sleep, salty foods, allergies or dehydration. Because the tissue around the eye does not have as many oil glands as skin elsewhere on the body, it is not naturally as moist as other areas. 

Natural care vs. chemical care

In the past few decades an increasing number of skin products containing topical vitamin-A drugs, called retinoids or retinols that have been touted as being good for reducing fine lines and for fading aging spots. Originally created as an acne treatment, researchers noticed that it worked by increasing production of collagen. Retinols are chemicals and the most effective ones are still on prescription. What’s more, they work very gradually - it takes three to six months of regular use to see noticeable improvements in wrinkles. Better results take from six to 12 months. 

According to Harvard Medical School, “because retinoids can cause skin dryness and irritation, doctors often recommend using them only every other day at first, then gradually working up to nightly applications.” The theme here is that these are not miracle or overnight solutions to wrinkles by the eyes, or elsewhere on the body. For that reason, many people prefer a light, effective and plant-based solution to under-eye treatment.

Nourish this special skin in a completely natural way

What makes the skin around the eyes so beautiful and so vulnerable is the amount of collagen and elastin that this skin produces. Even before we reach our 30s the skin produces less of those suppleness-enhancing substances. That’s why taking special care is essential including a good diet, proper sleep, careful make-up removal, not scratching around the eyes, and drinking plenty of water. We can hear you saying, “who has time for all that!” And you are right, we’re not all perfect every day, but there is a simple, effective way to restore the elasticity of under-eye skin.

SallyeAnder’s Nourish Under Eye Treatment does exactly what it says

SallyeAnder Nourish combines a signature blend of plant butters - shea, cupuacu and cocoa butters - and rosa mosqueta oil (derived from the hips of Rosa Mosqueta), grape seed oil and, most amazing of all, orchid oil. Orchid oil is a natural source of calcium, magnesium and zinc and it boosts skin immunity, plumps fine lines and gently soothes this precious skin.  As was recently noted in The Gloss, SallyeAnder Nourish helps “address puffiness pre-makeup.”

Nourish Under Eye Treatment comes in a sleek black oval tube. You smooth it under and around your eyes, gently massaging into the delicate tissue. It’s perfect absorbency smooths on lightly, doesn’t drag or pull. The blend of nurturing oils, butters and essential oils are super soothing, softly moisturizing, and lightly fragrant. Regular use helps restore elasticity and softness to the areas under and around the eye. There’s no waiting for results, the skin under your eyes will feel better, and as time passes, look better.

Nourish is so good at what it does, our customers have taken it into new territory, they are using it all over their face! We do know that it is extremely popular and people purchase it so often, we think they must either be using it more widely on their body, or giving it as gifts. In either case, it makes us happy that people are choosing the natural way to care for the skin around their eyes.

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