Meet Edgwick Farm! Our source for goat milk.

Meet Edgwick Farm! Our source for goat milk.

Meet Edgwick Farm, the folks behind the goat milk in SallyeAnder's Almond Goat Milk Essential Soap!

Dan and Talitha Jones are the goat farmers and cheesemakers at Edgwick Farm in Cornwall, NY.  What  started as a ten acre hobby farm, has now evolved into a commercial dairy with 58 goats and over 10,000 pounds of cheese produced by them annually from their own milk. You can find Dan, Talitha and Cara at local farmer's markets through out the Hudson Valley. SallyeAnder is proud to source our Goat Milk from Edgwick Farm for our Almond Goat Milk Essential Soap.

 So, why goat milk?

Goat milk is a powerhouse when it comes to skincare. It's extremely gentle on skin while providing a number of serious benefits. Goat Milk is a safe ingredient for those with sensitive skin and it contains lactic and fatty acids that help repair skin and retain moisture. 

While you may find goat milk in numerous skincare products these days, it's important to remember that goat milk made with solely natural ingredients is going to be the most effective. It doesn't matter if you have goat milk in your soap or lotion, if it's made with other ingredients that don't support your skins health.

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