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Meet Edgwick Farm: SallyeAnder's Hudson Valley Source for Goat Milk

Meet Edgwick Farm: SallyeAnder's Hudson Valley Source for Goat Milk

Meet Dan and Talitha Jones, the dedicated goat farmers and masterful cheesemakers at Edgwick Farm nestled in the picturesque Cornwall, NY.

What commenced as a modest ten-acre hobby farm has blossomed into a thriving commercial dairy boasting 58 contented goats. Each year, they craft over 10,000 pounds of exceptional cheese from their very own milk. Local patrons of the Hudson Valley region can cross paths with Dan, Talitha, and Cara, as they enthusiastically showcase their offerings at various cherished farmer's markets.

SallyeAnder takes immense pride in its partnership with Edgwick Farm, responsibly sourcing their Goat Milk for the creation of the Almond Goat Milk Essential Soap. But what sets goat milk apart, you ask?

The Beauty of Goat Milk Unveil the secrets of goat milk – a potent elixir for nurturing your skin. Renowned for its delicate nature, goat milk boasts a plethora of remarkable benefits. Its remarkable suitability for sensitive skin is matched by the abundance of lactic and fatty acids it houses, facilitating skin repair and moisture retention in unparalleled ways.

Navigating the Skincare Realm While goat milk has found its way into a myriad of contemporary skincare products, it is imperative to recognize that the true efficacy lies in the use of purely natural ingredients. Whether goat milk graces your soap or lotion, its potential thrives when harmonized with ingredients that truly nurture your skin's well-being.

Elevate your skincare journey with Edgwick Farm's unparalleled goat milk and SallyeAnder's commitment to crafting products that epitomize the union of nature and skincare excellence. Your skin deserves nothing less.

Learn more at our blog post -- Milk in your Soap: Where Science + Art Meet


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