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Motherhood, Love, and the Outdoors: A Mother's Day Interview with Sallie, President of SallyeAnder

Motherhood, Love, and the Outdoors: A Mother's Day Interview with Sallie, President of SallyeAnder

On Mother's Day 2024, Sallie, President of SallyeAnder and daughter of the company's founder,  reflected on the essence of motherhood, love, and the beauty of the outdoors. With a rich heritage spanning over four decades, SallyeAnder has been dedicated to crafting honest and reliable skincare products for families. In this special interview, Sallie shares her insights on nurturing bonds, nurturing newborn skin, and the purpose in connecting with nature.

How does SallyeAnder celebrate the bond between mothers and children and how can skin care routines strengthen that bond?
As mothers, I believe our primary goal is to nurture and build a bond of trust with our children, ensuring their well-being and security. Our love is a constant source of comfort and protection, instilling a sense of safety for our  little ones. Through our products at SallyeAnder, we aim to grow this bond with genuine care and reliability.  We work to build honest and authentic products, in this crazy world of trends and fads, our recipes remain unchanged, and true for over 40 years. When we build new products, we work at creating solutions, through the lens of a worried mother. Our hassle-free and unique solutions for children's skincare strive to be a fun conversation starter between mother and child. We hope that you talk about our ingredients with your kids, as you may see some of our ingredients in your daily life. Some processes, like putting on a cream for a bug repellent, is unique enough to even be silly and safe enough to be worry-free! We LOVE your kids!

At SallyeAnder, we offer fuss-free solutions for children's skincare, making essential routines enjoyable. From evening baths to outdoor adventures, our products foster moments of connection and joy in caring for our precious little one.
What advice would you give to new mothers who are seeking skincare products for themselves and their babies?
To new mothers, I offer this advice: simplicity is key. Don't use lotion just because you see baby lotion at the drugstore; babies skin is rapidly developing, and anything you add will change that growth.  Opt for fewer commercial ingredients and embrace MILD herbal remedies, as what touches your baby's skin will be absorbed into their delicate system.
Personally, I found our baby balm to be a lifesaver for various skin issues mom faces too, from nipple pain to stretch marks. Keeping it simple is crucial! Newborn skin is still adapting to the world, so it requires minimal intervention. Be mindful of ingredients, avoiding steroids, parabens, petroleum, and artificial additives whenever possible. This principle extends to laundry detergent choices too! Allow your baby's skin to develop naturally, with as little interference as possible, nurturing its growth and resilience. 
Also, don't be afraid to bring your baby outside! The sunshine and fresh air are more important than the worry of a sunburn or bug bite! Be sure to always put some No-Bite-Me™, just in case! 

As a mother, how do you instill a love and appreciation for nature in your children?
I am deeply passionate about the beautiful world God has created for us. The intricate pathways of the natural world offers restoration for both our inner selves and daily life.  I make sure to let my boys lead in our explorations in the wilderness, letting them feel empowered to discover whatever their heart seeks first.   Within creation my boys feel loved, free to play and comforted being among the bark and branches, fishing in streams, hiking up mountains, and listening to the sounds of each season. Even on rainy days, we can make our own fun, jumping in puddles, or getting as dirty as possible. Adventure is in our blood as we seek to find new places and reveal all the glory in the outdoor world! 
What advice and motivation would you give to mothers who want to prioritize outdoor adventures with their children?
At our home, we live by the mantra: "There's no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing!" Even on what was a rainy Mother's Day here in the Northeast, we adventured in the garden and looked for slugs, and rotated our compost. We layer up, fill up our bellies and head out into the great outdoors. Preparedness is key – pack snacks, spare clothes, and did I mention snacks!? Keep a handy pouch stocked with first aid essentials like Rescue Me Balm, bandaids, No-Bite-Me™ Bug Repellent, and a little soap for good measure. Every step of the journey is an opportunity to bond and instill a love for nature in our children, a gift that lasts a lifetime. Sometimes on cold dark days here in New York, even I have trouble motivating myself to get outside. On those days, I try to remember just how valuable the fresh air, movement and understanding of weather lessons can be to growing children. Learning about ice, for example, is very important, even if it is slipperly!
When my family immerses ourselves in the great outdoors, I feel a connection to my grandfather, my uncle (Shout out to Uncle Steve in Montana! ), my dad who is normally with us on our adventures and a profound gratitude for the gift of life. There is profound peace amongst the trees, something we could all use more of!  Most importantly, as a family, we connect together during and after our adventure, building lifelong bonds.  As always, don't forget to wind down with a cozy tubby after a day well spent in the fresh air, and tuck those kids in knowing their minds and hearts are full of the wonder of the woods!
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