SallyeAnder Clay Masks

Introducing SallyeAnder Clay Masks

About our Clay Masks

Based on our SallyeAnder promise to you, we’ve developed an original mask + body scrub that will soon turn into a staple in your home. Our scrub is made with pure ingredients, clay and powders. Each mask is formulated to bring your skin to its most natural state. As always, SallyeAnder will only add to our products, ingredients to benefit your skin.

We use only French clays in our masks, and our powerful secret weapon: golden flax seed meal. Flax has been cultivated since 5000 BC and has been used for its medical properties to soothe skin, calm eczema, and rid the skin of harmful toxins. Look through the list of ingredients of clay each mask, every ingredient adds vital nutrition to your skin. This is the difference between our products and other skincare companies.

Emerald Clay Mask + Body Scrub

Unlike the Emerald City, this mask is the REAL DEAL! French Green Clay absorbs and removes the impurities found in skin, giving life to the new surface of the skin. This transformation also tightens pores and gives skin a firm feeling- TONED and FRESH! The perfect mask for sensitive mature dry skin. You will instantly feel uplifted and reenergized.


Golden Clay Mask + Body Scrub

Works like gold! This powerful, yet gentle, complexion scrub draws out impurities from the skin, while releasing the essential minerals within the French yellow clay. It hauls off dead skin cells, toxins and balances the pH on the surface of skin, all while tightening and toning the skin. This mask will leave your skin feeling smooth, fresh and radiant! We here at SallyeAnder recommend this scrub for oily mature skin- adult and teenage acne.

Rose Clay Mask + Body Scrub

Roses are good for the kin and the soul! This delicate flower provides a powerhouse of helpful nutrients to the skin. We pair our rose petal power and rosehip essential oil with French rose clay to cleanse, and draw out any impurities within the skin, providing a restored glow.