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Deo Stone: All about deodorant and aluminum and our deo stone as an alternative.

Deo Stone: All about deodorant and aluminum and our deo stone as an alternative.

SallyeAnder Deodorant Stone is a Great Deodorant Alternative

All deodorants are not created equal.

Most people consider putting on deodorant a must and a part of their daily routine. Just thinking of leaving the house without it is enough to make us break out in a cold sweat!

Like our all-natural soaps, we offer an alternative to commercially available deodorants. 

Most commercially available deodorants and antiperspirants contain synthetic aluminum chlorohydrate or aluminum zirconium as an active ingredient. The purpose of their use? To prevent something quite natural - sweating. These synthetics block your pores from letting sweat through.

Did you know there are different glands throughout the body that produce sweat? In the armpits, it's the Apocrine glands. When they secrete fluid, and it comes in contact with the bacteria on the skin's surface, you experience an odor. 

While we might have an aversion to odor, the truth is that sweat is entirely natural and healthy.  Sweat helps to regulate temperature. Amazingly, it is necessary for repairing skin, has been debated in it's aid in releasing toxins, and helps to keep your skin acne-free. So, blocking sweat with artificial compounds is a bad idea. 

A Great Natural Deodorant Alternative.

Our deodorant stone consists of potassium alum, a naturally forming rock salt. It is entirely safe to use and has been used for thousands of years as a natural deodorant. It doesn’t block your pores, or enter your skin barrier (the molecules are too big). It works by naturally killing the bacteria that cause odor. So you sweat, with no stink!

How to use. 

For best use, apply it right after you take a shower or bath when your underarms are clean and slightly damp.

Simply wet the stone and apply the stone to your entire underarm area, like you would any deodorant. Use it right after a shower or bath, when your underarms are clean and slightly damp.   

Our deodorant stone provides 24-hour protection under normal circumstances. Even better, you won’t need to replace it for up to 3+ years! Grab one of our deodorant stones today, now available in a larger 5.5 oz size.

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