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Ingredient Feature: White Willow Bar

Ingredient Feature: White Willow Bar


Patiently waiting for these weeping willows to bloom in April. Not only are they gorgeous, but the bark of the willow tree species is also medicinal. It has the chemical compound salicin. Salicin is what gives white willow bark its analgesic properties. White willow bark has been used for at least 2000 years as an analgesic, recommended by physicians like Hippocrates. The bark was either chewed or made into tea. Fun fact: salicin was used in the 1800s to develop aspirin. Willow has been used traditionally to relieve headaches, low back pain, osteoarthritis, tendonitis, flu and menstrual cramps. 

It also has potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties (rich in polyphenols and flavonoids), making it a great addition to skin care formulas. It’s been shown to significantly reduce the visible signs of skin aging when applied topically for just 12 weeks (2010 study PMID: 20883292). 

It’s so cool that scientific studies prove what traditional herbalists already knew. SallyeAnder is rooted in a lineage of herbal knowledge, and we’ve been using white willow bark in skin care for a looong time. It’s in our Heavy Duty Foot Cream, Tea Tree and Spruce Shampoo Bar, Golden Clay Mask, Flax and French Clay Complexion Bar, Evergreen and Spruce Shave Bar.



Our heavy duty foot cream works incredibly well to soften and hydrate your feet, you’ll see results in just a week of daily use. With warmer weather right around the corner (read sandal season), this is the perfect time to give your feet some love!

Thanks to added white willow bark extract, this cream is a treat for your feet after a long day of standing, walking or running. It very subtly numbs them to relieve achiness. You’ll notice the cream also has a little bit of a grainy texture that gently exfoliates.  Massage it into your feet before bed, put socks on and wake up the next day with happy, well rested and smooth feet :). You're welcome!

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