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Ingredient Feature: Apple

Ingredient Feature: Apple

Fall is for apples, certainly in SallyeAnder’s home state of New York. This time of year, we are gifted with a wide variety of common and heirloom types. While the adage “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” may be too simplistic, there’s no question that apples are a healthful, nourishing food brimming with antioxidants, vitamins A, B complex, and C.

Studies show that apples offer beneficial skincare benefits, such as:

  • Balance oily skin by reducing excess oil 
  • Balance dry skin as they are moisturizing
  • Help maintain the skin’s elasticity, reducing fine lines
  • Brighten skin tone 
  • Reduce dark spots 

Interestingly, a Korean study conducted in 2010 showed that topical application of apples in addition to apple consumption might offer the most significant benefits for glowing skin. In the study, healthy participants were divided into three groups: group 1 was given an apple mask pack, group 2 was given an apple mask pack and was instructed to consume apples daily, and group 3 was given a placebo mask pack. Participants were instructed to not change anything about their diet (except for the group that added daily apples). After four weeks, groups 1 & 2 showed significant improvements in skin tone, moisture, elasticity, evenness, and fine lines. Group 2 participants, who were given apple mask packs and consumed apples daily, showed the greatest improvements. There it is! More proof that what you put on AND in your body matters most for glowing skin. 

Enjoy the benefit of apple in:

Apple Crisp Essential Soap

Apple & Ginger Shampoo Bar


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