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Ingredient Feature: Rice Bran Flour

Ingredient Feature: Rice Bran Flour

Rice bran flour for skin care has been used in Japan for centuries. With rice being a main staple of the Japanese diet, at some point it was discovered that the byproduct of rice milling, the outer layer/bran- could be powdered and used topically as a treatment to make the skin smooth and beautiful. 

We now have science to back up the reasons why rice bran is an effective skin care ingredient. 

Rice bran has bioactive compounds with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. They include: ferulic acid, phytic acid, vitamins B, and E. Ferulic acid and phytic acid are commonly extracted and added to skin products. 

Phytic acid, in particular, acts as a gentle exfoliant and increases blood flow to the skin. It’s the reason why applying rice bran flour topically helps to brighten and polish it, removing dead skin cells, promoting cell regrowth, and keeping the outer layers of the skin clean. 

In terms of its energetic quality, rice bran flour is cooling, and can be helpful for inflammatory conditions and redness, as is the case with mild to moderate acne. It also has an astringent quality, helping to tighten and tone skin pores.

We use rice brown flour in our Green Tea Essential Soap, and in our Emerald and Rose Clay Masks

Remember, the key to great skin is not only what you put on your body, but also what you put in it!  At SallyeAnder we are committed to using the purest, most natural ingredients. In fact, they are good enough to eat because we believe that what goes on your skin should be just as nourishing. 

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