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NY Pride: Sarah Jessica Parker Rocks a SallyeAnder Tote on Set

NY Pride: Sarah Jessica Parker Rocks a SallyeAnder Tote on Set

Being a brand rooted in New York, the fashion capital of the world, witnessing our beloved city icon, Sarah Jessica Parker, proudly carrying a SallyeAnder tote on a movie set fills us with immense pride. In this blog, let me take you on a journey through the significance of Parker's choice, the essence of NYC fashion, and how this bold move elevates the status of sustainable brands like ours in the concrete jungle.

Sarah Jessica Parker, the epitome of NY style, has consistently dazzled us with her remarkable fashion choices, making her an influential figure in the industry. As the iconic Carrie Bradshaw from "Sex and the City," she embodies the spirit of New York fashion. Her fearless experimentation, impeccable style, and boundary-pushing ensembles have solidified her status as a true icon.:

As a sustainable skincare brand born and bred in NY, SallyeAnder has been making waves with our eco-conscious products. From organic skincare to natural bug repellent, we have become a beacon of sustainability in the city that never sleeps. Crafted with love and care using ethically sourced materials, our brand resonates with the values of New Yorkers seeking mindful consumption.

New York's scene is renowned for its diversity, ranging from polished and chic to avant-garde and edgy. However, sustainability has emerged as a vital aspect of the city's fashion landscape. New Yorkers are increasingly embracing eco-friendly choices, prioritizing brands that align with their values. In this thriving fashion metropolis, the blending of style and sustainability has become the new norm.


When the illustrious Sarah Jessica Parker chose to carry a SallyeAnder tote on her movie set, our hearts swelled with gratitude. Her decision to showcase a brand that embodies sustainability resonates deeply with our ethos. By aligning herself with our values, she passionately promotes eco-friendly choices within the fashion world and empowers others to do the same. Sarah Jessica Parker's choice to proudly display a SallyeAnder bag on set reverberates throughout the NY. From the lively streets of Brooklyn to the heart of downtown Manhattan, her decision sparks conversations about sustainability, encouraging New Yorkers to reevaluate their choices. With her influential support, our message of mindful consumption reaches a wider audience, inspiring individuals to make conscious decisions and support sustainable brands.

As a brand deeply rooted in New York, we are profoundly honored by Sarah Jessica Parker's choice to carry a SallyeAnder tote on her movie set. Her unwavering dedication to NYC fashion and sustainability aligns perfectly with our values. In a city that embraces new trends and pushes boundaries, her choice reinforces the importance of eco-consciousness. Let us celebrate the fusion of style and sustainability as we navigate the ever-evolving landscape of New York trends, embracing brands like SallyeAnder that exemplify the spirit of our beloved state.

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