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Great for gardeners, mechanics and kids, SallyeAnder’s ‘Hogwash!’ has cornmeal for scrubbing and glycerin to not dry out hands after all-day washes.

Will arrive in one of the assorted colors.

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If you need it clean – just say ‘Hogwash!’ Super stain-remover, laundry treatment, and hand scrub

Once you try our ‘Hogwash!’, your whole life will be a little easier and a lot cleaner! Our BIG chunky bars last and last! Try it on your toughest clothes stains. It’s an excellent hand scrub for gardeners, mechanics, and kids. And, because of the high glycerin content, you can wash several times a day without drying skin, and it really works to get dirty hands clean! Hogwash! is an astonishing stain remover for laundry, carpet, upholstery, car interiors, quilts – you name it! It will remove: grass stains, tomato sauce, mustard, grape juice, bubble gum, blood, tar, ink, mildew, pitch- we have an enormous list of testimonials that even we find hard to believe, and it got rave reviews on POPSUGAR.

‘Hogwash!’ is a combination of all the different bars of soap we make mixed with cornmeal. The cornmeal is organic and locally sourced from Wild Hive Farm and will not accumulate in pipes. The colors are purely aesthetic!  Get two chunks – one for the laundry room and one for the sink. It’s so unique that others have tried to copy it, but there is only one true ‘Hogwash!’, from SallyeAnder Soaps.

Made from all our soap and lots of cornmeal for scrubbing. Hogwash contains saponified vegetable oils, cornmeal, herbs, essential oils and may contain one or more of the following: spices, cinnamon, and vegetable extract

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29 reviews for ‘Hogwash!’

  1. Melody Ochs (verified owner)

    I HAD a “mystery stain” on 1 of my t-shirts. Kinda looked like chocolate/oil/grease stain. Per directions, wet the stains, wet the bar-voila! In 15 seconds the stain was gone! Going to rave about Hogwash to anyone who will listen! Customer for life!

  2. rondaw (verified owner)

    Love this soap! I use it on all stains before washing my laundry and it works like magic! I give it as a gift to family members and would recomend it to everyone!

  3. karen.steadman (verified owner)

    Love Hogwash soap for laundry stains. We started using it when my babies were little and it was the perfect thing for baby stains. Now we keep using it because there are always stains. Would highly recommend. We get the stain and soap bar wet and then scrub in. Stain mostly comes out right there. Can leave it to set or just put in the washer right away depending on the stain. We love it!!

  4. mrsfio (verified owner)

    I have used Hogwash Soap for several years on tough laundry stains. It worked especially well on my sons’ football practice uniforms. The bar lasts a long time, and it smells good too. I make sure I always have some on hand.

  5. paigeandross

    It looks like I am the only one with less than 5 stars. I hve not tried this as a hand soap, but purchased as a laundry soap to get out stains. Unfortunately, it did not do the trick. My son was weed eating with a white t-shirt on and hit a mushroom that exploded all over the shirt. I washed shirt 3 times–tried Spray n Wash, Zote soap, and then this, and the shirt still has gray/brown marks on it. Guess, I will use this for hand soap now instead….was worth a try!

  6. Kim Knox (verified owner)

    Literally the best wash soap ever!!!!! It’s great for washing my masks and my gloves. Honestly anything. It had a nice smell to it too.

  7. Timothy Codispoti (verified owner)

    the absolute best soap i have ever used to wash my hands and about everything else!

  8. yabu_meimei (verified owner)

    Great soap and amazing value! I’ve never seen soap with corn meal in it. I use it to bath my kids. One of them has moderate eczema and it is not rough on his skin. Great all purpose soap although I haven’t tried it on stains or laundry to know how it performs. Does perform well on grimy hands and other hand and body washing situations!

  9. sippel (verified owner)

    This stuff is amazing! It takes out oil stains, paint, grass, tomato sauce! Plus is smells great. I love this stuff and give it as gifts to everyone.

  10. koenekema (verified owner)

    I have been a user of Hogwash soap since the 1980s. It is great for hand cleaning as well as magically removing stains on clothing, etc. There’s nothing like it for a great all round cleaner!

  11. samanthadschneider

    I keep a bar of this under my sink for any time I need it – whether for tough stains on my hands or clothing. This stuff is great and recommend it even as a go-to hand soap!

  12. pinkcloud555 (verified owner)

    Great product! Hogwash removed food stains that were weeks old. It has even more stain removing power when applied right away. Worth every penny!

  13. Brenda Dodson (verified owner)

    I am so happy I found this!!! I was able to get our purple craft paint from a white tshirt of my daughter’s and motor oil out of my son’s white shirt! I can’t believe how well this works as a stain remover, even really old set in stains come out! And the best part is my hands are so soft after using it! Thank you for creating such a wonderful product! I will never use another stain remover again!!!

  14. briad12

    This is by far my favorite bar! It will remove stains that have been there for months. Simply wet the item you wish to clean, rub the bar into the stain with a little elbow grease and let sit for 5-10 minutes then throw in the wash. Voila! The stain is gone, it’s seriously like magic!

  15. Liz Handler

    I love hogwash. It just works so well. We keep a bar on our utility sink in our mudroom. It takes care of grease, oil, garden dirt…everything!

  16. Steve Austin

    My wife and I have been living off-grid (what it is now called) for 33 years, a hour from the nearest highway. Using a woodrange for cooking and wood for heating , soot and ash is in abundant supply and Hogwash is the answer for removing it from our hands. We used to use Lava but it doesn’t hold a candle to Hogwash because, not only does it remove the soot, it leaves our hands moisturized instead of dried out. Thank you.

  17. judyk64 (verified owner)

    Hogwash tackles any stain and or skin issue we’ve used it for. Several of my friends and family are hooked after I gifted them this wonder. No stain is to big or small. Love it in the laundry, bath, kitchen and garage! Try it to believe it! And it lasts a long time!

  18. Karen Ryan

    I found this soap this summer in a store about a 1hour and half away. I would like to know if you have a store in Alpena Mi.that carries it. But if not I will travel back to the store I got it from first. I just love it I got strains out that were months old. Its the best soap I every found. I just love it.

    • BT Haynes

      Karen –

      We do ship, so feel free to purchase from our website as well.

  19. Linda

    I have used Hogwash and loved it for 40 years!! My problem is that I’ve always called it Pig Soap and could never remember the name! I introduced it to my sons years ago, and thankfully one was smart enough to keep the wrapper! Yippee!!

  20. Mary Shaw

    15 years ago when I owned a bed and breakfast inn I was discussing the problem of getting stains out of high quality white linens at a conference and someone suggested hogwash. It worked then and as life has evolved it has followed me. I always give it to new moms. Really it gets rid of any stain.

  21. Sylvia

    This soap is just too wonderful!! It has taken out every stain I have tried it on! I especially love it for ring around the collar! It takes out every ring even if it is old!!
    Thanks for such a great product! ?

  22. Carol

    My son owns a chimney cleaning company and his crew raves about this soap!! So glad to “rediscover” it for my youngest son who is a landscaper.

  23. Carrie

    I rarely review anything, but this gets baby poop stains out with barely any effort. I had been spraying stains with Dreft, etc. and had to do multiple treatments every time – not with this soap. It’s amazing – I wish I had discovered it before baby #2!

  24. Darlene Adams

    This is the best soap!! My dad likes to do things around the house, and this will get any sort of grease out of his clothes!! I love the smell and this soap lasts for 5 years! Worth the price!!

  25. Angela

    Hands down the BEST stain remover I’ve ever used. It lasts for a long time as well, which is great. However, I’ve been going through it much more quickly since having children! I love, love this stuff. Thank you so much for a wonderful product.

  26. Terri James

    Did not read the bag first so I started out with it beside the tub. Leaves my skin soft as well as my hair. Yes, I did say my hair. It is as soft as kitten fur. My best friend found it in a store and showed it to me. Yep, already love it. The sales girl was raveing about using it on stains. I was shocked cause I only bathed with it. NOT NOW. I used it on articles I thought were ruined an now I have 4 new pieces to my wardrobe. WOW!!!!!! Great job. It is amazing to find a product even bettrr than advertised. Again, thanks

  27. Melissa Killian

    Being a hair stylist, I get hair color on my clothes often and Hog wash always comes to my rescue. I’ve used it on everything from red wine stains, grass stains to hair color stains. Love this product and couldn’t live without it!

  28. Rachel Thompson

    I Love Love this stuff, My daughter had blood on a sweatshirt a little bit of rubbing with hogwash the shirt was saved. I would never go without it.

  29. MamaBearOf2Boys

    This is the only thing I use on stains when doing the laundry. Love it! I was able to get an old grease stain out of my sons tan slacks that was 2 months old.

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