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Soothe and revive extra-dry or sensitive skin with SallyeAnder’s Milk & Mint Soap, which contains spearmint and barley grass to ease inflammation and repair damaged skin.


Our best-selling essential soap: uplifting and refreshing with natural antioxidants

Can a soap soothe and revive extra-dry and sensitive skin, as well as uplift your mood and brighten your day? This one can. SallyeAnder Milk & Mint soap is deliciously fragrant with spearmint, enriched with organic milk, olive oil and barley grass. Spearmint essential oil and barley grass are natural antioxidants that ease inflammation and help skin to repair itself while smoothing away visible signs of damage. Like all SallyeAnder soaps, Milk & Mint lasts for months and keeps its bright refreshing scent from beginning to end. It doesn’t just make you smell good, it makes your bathroom minty fresh, too! For extra-dry and sensitive skin.

olive oil blend, milk, barley grass and spearmint essential oil

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Weight .31 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 2.5 in

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22 reviews for Milk & Mint Soap

  1. Melanie Castillo (verified owner)

    Love this soap very moisturizing and smells amazing!! Lasts a long time in the shower. I am so excited I found this company!!

  2. genie_connie (verified owner)

    Okay, I’m addicted to your wonderful soaps! Everyone is getting one
    for Christmas! They are so moisturizing and last a very long time. Also, I love the fact that they are hypoallergenic and completely natural. My husband is trying this Milk & Mint soap and likes that it is moisturizing. Thank you for your wonderful products!

  3. cameostopearls (verified owner)

    I was gifted some soap from Sallyeander a few years back and was so pleased with how my skin responded. I have chronic dermatitis and have tried so many soaps and lotions. Since using soap from this company, my breakouts have reduced and my skin is moisturized without additional lotion. So I am very pleased. Thank you for superb products.

  4. Candace Flores

    Love it! It’s a good scent for both sexes

  5. jenny_rms

    Love this soap. Great for our Psorasis and moisturizing also.

  6. karen.steadman (verified owner)

    Absolutely our favorite body soap for the whole family!! Lovely scent, perfect lather, and soft skin. We all have sensitive skin and this does the job!

  7. maryrose.segear (verified owner)

    Love this soap – leaves my skin feeling nourished and clean. The minty smell is nice and mild!

  8. bh (verified owner)

    The soap that makes all other soaps cower in shame. My whole family loves it!

  9. candice_kraft

    This is my absolute favorite soap! Smells amazing too. I was pleasantly surprised while visiting a country store in Vermont to see this soap on display. I highly recommended it!

  10. l.seedorf

    Minty but mild, this soap is sturdy and will last in your shower. It lathers wonderfully in and has a lovely refreshing vibe.

  11. ara meehling (verified owner)

    I recently purchased this soap while on a trip to Gatlinburg. The scent is very soothing yet invigorating. I have extremely dry skin and this soap was very moisturizing.

  12. Lauren Petitpren

    This soap lathers wonderfully. My husband uses this bar in particular and it has done wonders for his eczema. He loves it so much he uses it on his hair! The smell is very mild but still very nice. I would definitely purchase this bar again.

  13. Michele Soutar (verified owner)

    Have always loved this product! I’m a landscaper by trade so I work a dirty job and this is the only body soap I use. I even use it on my face. Clean rinsing and does not leave soap scum in your tub. The scent is fresh and marvelous!

  14. Jennifer Ament

    I love this soap! It lasts a long time, and smells divine. I feel like I’m at a spa (well, as best as I can be while showering) when I’m using this. Treat yo self!

  15. Gwyneth

    I probably wash my hands 30-40 times a day now that we have to worry about the coronavirus. Before using this soap, the backs of my hands were dry and cracking. No more! They are perfectly smooth with no lotion needed. I think they get softer the more I wash. 😉 All the soap in my house has been replaced with sallyeander soaps. I love this scent — so fresh and minty!

  16. elyssajo

    An absolutely dream. Refreshing and lovely and works so well!

  17. jacey.schamel (verified owner)

    I’m addicted to this soap. Lol.
    It smells amazing! Love the ingredients. Must have!

  18. flowfree

    By far one of my favorite soaps!! Smells amazing and keeps me feeling fresh

  19. RJ Gering

    Within several weeks after first using Milk and Mint I noticed that my (problem and very sensitive) skin was softer and healthier looking. An added bonus is that it helps control my Rosacea. I’ve been using it for five years and don’t intend to change. Awesome product and each bar lasts a long time.

  20. Andine

    This soap is a family favorite – keep one in the guest bath and always on hand in the kitchen. Gentle on the skin, nourishing, and the scent is heavenly. This lasts and lasts…truly a must have!

  21. gloria crane

    I love this soap. My skin has never been so soft. I live in the south and I also believe the mint has reduced the number of insect bites I get which was an unexpected bonus. Highly recommend this.

  22. leisa montgomery

    This is my favorite soap. Very moisterizering and the minty scent is amazing!

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