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FlatPak™ Soap Bar Case


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Leak-proof, eco-friendly, and perfect for camping, work trips, vacations and more! Take your SallyeAnder soap bar with you, so you don't have to compromise your skin when on the go!

Are you tired of compromising on your sustainable lifestyle while on the go or having to use hotel soap that leaves your skin dry and sad? Look no further! We've designed the SallyeAnder Leak-Proof Travel Soap Case, tailor-made with Matador high travel equipment brand, to accommodate our square soap bars. This ingenious accessory combines eco-consciousness with convenience, ensuring your soap stays mess-free, and your skin stay happy, even when you're on the move.

FlatPak™ Soap Bar Cases are the lightweight and leakproof way to travel with bar soap. Soap bars dry through the material, so they never get mushy.

Best For: Traveling with bar soap when space and weight matter

Dry-Through™ Technology

"Best gear of the year" – Popular Mechanics

"Best accessory" – Carryology Annual Carry Awards

"Packhacker pick award" – Pack Hacker

Basic use instructions
Rinse before first use. Put soap bar inside the bag, ensuring excess water does not get trapped inside. Roll the rolltop three times or more, bend and buckle the ends of the buckle together. Soap bar will dry through the bag. Bar soap will dry more slowly in humid environments. For best results, allow soap to dry as much as possible before stowing in bag. Keep bag exposed to open air (not in a confined space) while soap bar is drying inside Flatpak Soap Bar Case.

Cleaning instructions
Hand wash your FlatPak Soap Bar Case with warm water and mild soap. Do not wash in a dishwasher or washing machine.

Dry-Through Technology: maximizing performance
The wet soap will dry directly through the material without allowing any leakage. The drying performance will vary based on temperature, relative humidity, and other external factors. To maximize the speed of drying, please follow the suggestions below:

- Remove as much water and suds as possible from the soap bar before inserting it into the FlatPak case.

- Roll the top only 3 times to keep as much surface area of the case exposed to open air as possible. More exposed surface area will yield faster drying times.

- Keep the FlatPak case exposed to open air while drying. The drying time will be noticeably longer if you immediately put the case inside your dopp kit or luggage where there is no air circulating.

- Dry the outside of the FlatPak Soap Bar Case after you put the wet soap inside.

- Occasionally rinse away any soapy residue from the inside of the FlatPak Soap Bar Case to maximize performance of the Dry-Through Technology.

FlatPak™ Soap Bar Case


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