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How to treat a baby’s skin kindly

How to treat a baby’s skin kindly

Just as sensitive as under eye skin is every inch of skin on a baby’s body. When a baby is born his or her skin is ultra-thin, three times thinner than adult skin. In fact you can almost see many blood vessels beneath. This makes it easy for babies to get chilled, which is why babies always have little hats in hospital. It takes about a year for a newborn’s skin to be thick enough to insulate against cold. The top layer of a newborn’s skin will flake off during their first week or so. Don’t worry! This is perfectly normal and doesn’t require any special care.

Many babies love their bath time. After all, they spent 9 months in a warm bath of amniotic fluid. Choosing the products to bathe and soothe your baby is simple, as long as you choose the simplest, most natural products you can find. SallyeAnder’s founders began their business seeking a soothing soap for their young son. Having created a pure Castile soap early on in their career, they then set out to design the perfect baby soap. SallyeAnder Pure Mild Baby Soap is a pure Castile soap, with added cocoa butter, aloe, and delicate essential oils. Doesn’t this sound lovely already? The essential oils of tangerine, rose, balsam and lavender all heal, soothe and gently cleanse. It’s actually edible, though a baby would likely protest. It’s a sweet baby-sized bar and every parent loves the way it makes their babies smell - delicious, clean and like a baby.  

Notable for what they don’t contain, as well as what they do, dermatologist Dr. Rachel Nazarian commented in an article about baby soaps in The Strategist, “Avoid parabens, fragrance, alcohol, and formaldehyde.” which SallyeAnder Pure Mild Baby Soap does.  It also avoids coconut oil which can dry a baby's skin.

A beautiful balm for a beautiful baby

When soothing a baby’s body and skin, there’s no doubt that natural is best. When you are using something several times a day, with each diaper change and after bath, you want to be sure that you are avoiding chemicals and instead treating a baby’s skin with the most soothing, plant-based ingredients you can find. SallyeAnder Pure Mild Baby Balm is unique in so many ways. It’s pure, mild and safe with a delectable list of ingredients: grape seed and olive oils, cocoa, mango, and cupuacu butter, beeswax, shea butter, hemp seed oil; myrrh, frankincense, rosemary, spearmint, rose geranium, star anise, spikenard, lavender and vetiver essential oils. These are herbs, butters and oils that are nature’s most intensive care for sensitive skin. It’s even packed with sensitivity - in a brown paper tub that can be recycled.

Treat all skin gently, naturally

Although we are not all babies and not all skin is as delicate as skin under the eyes, it is vitally important that we care for skin with kindness right from the start. A baby’s fine skin becomes an adult’s skin and a good start results in a good finish. Throughout life a gentle touch to your skin rewards you with softer, more supple, comfortable skin, and we all can benefit from that!

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