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Why Change Your Skincare Routine for Fall

Why Change Your Skincare Routine for Fall

It’s important to remember that your skin has specific needs during the colder months. The higher humidity during the summer can help your skin stay moisturized. That changes during the fall and winter, when the air is dryer. It’s not just the outdoor air you have to be concerned about. Even the use of indoor heaters can strip your skin of moisture. This can cause your skin to become more sensitive to dryness and irritation. What can you do to make sure your skin is ready for the change in season? Choosing the right skincare with the best ingredients is a must.

How to Choose the Best Skincare for Fall

When it comes to fall skincare, the ingredients matter. Instead of using harsh chemicals and additives, you’ll want to select skincare with ingredients that will keep your skin healthy and in balance, no matter the weather. Ingredients like shea and cocoa butter can help to keep your skin supple and fresh. Another stellar ingredient is frankincense. Besides being a remarkable antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory, this remarkable ingredient can strengthen your skin and improve elasticity.

Besides your face, protecting your hands and feet is also a must in the fall. Choosing products that showcase natural ingredients like beeswax, which is a moisture-attracting powerhouse, is a wise decision. And don’t forget aloe! This soothing gel is great for all skin types and can offer welcome relief for eczema.

SallyeAnder Skincare to the Rescue!

Our line of all natural balms and soaps has plenty of products that are great for the fall. Here are a few:

For the eyes: While we recommend Nourish for the fall, it really should be a part of your skincare routine all year round. This potent combination of our signature butter blend and more, designed to protect that delicate skin under your eyes. It helps to reduce puffiness and can be effective with cooler, dryer and harsher weather conditions.

For the body:  Our essential soaps like Patchouli, Apple Crisp, Cedar and Almond Goat Milk. Besides showcasing scents that are comforting and ready for fall, these soaps are perfect for the colder months. They moisturize the skin and leave you feeling refreshed and ready to take on the season. Have you tried our Black Soap yet? This incredible newer addition to our family of soaps is simple, luxuriant and celebrates a long African soap making tradition.

From Head to Toe: Our customers love our Rescue Me balm, the perfect pocket-sized companion for fall. With 21 healing essential oils and herbs, you should definitely not leave home without it!

For Hands to Feet: For a more intensive and moisturizing experience, be sure to stock up on our Heavy Duty Hand and Foot Therapy. They offer welcome relief for dry, cracked hands (elbow, knees!) and tired, achy feet.

There is one other thing that can increase skin issues in the fall and winter: stress. By taking the time to incorporate a little self-care, you’ll not only have healthier skin, you’ll feel better too. Need a little stress relief? Grab a a few accessories, including a set of our perfectly scented candles and take care of your soul! 

Are you ready for fall? Which one of our skincare products are you planning to use this fall? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Just received my first order. I ordered 4 bars all different. Tried the cedar and and the first shower I can tell a difference. It’s amazing it seems to have a healing effect on my skin. Will order again.

    Greg Talbert

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