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No-Bite-Me™ Frequently Asked Questions

No-Bite-Me™ Frequently Asked Questions

We're excited to dive into the frequently asked questions about our incredible product, No-Bite-Me™ Bug Repellent & After-Itch Relief. As summer approaches and outdoor adventures get underway, it's crucial to have a safe, reliable and effective solution to combat those pesky bugs. In this  guide, we'll address the most common inquiries we receive about No-Bite-Me™, giving you all the information you need to make the most of your bug-free days and nights. Whether you're curious about the ingredients, application methods, or its remarkable versatility, we've got you covered. So, let's get started and bid those bothersome bug bites farewell!

How to use No-Bite-Me
Cream and Soap


Cream: A little goes a long way! Dab small finger tip sized amounts every 4-6 inches on exposed skin and gently rub in - arms, legs, neck, behind ears, face. Take what's left in your hands and pat on your hair. Check out our FAQ page for more pro tips!

Soap: Our soap is perfect for those who find themselves outdoors most days. Bathe with No-Bite-Me™ soap first thing in the morning before your outdoor activities - do not rinse vigorously. Be sure to use it as a shampoo for ultimate protection. Safe for lakes, streams, and septics. Make it your everyday summer soap! Apply cream a few hours later.


No-Bite-Me™ FAQ's Continued

Q: Is No-Bite-Me™ safe for children, pets and women who are pregnant?

A: No-Bite-Me™ is specifically formulated to be safe for children, pets, and women who are pregnant. The safety of our customers is our top priority, and we take great care in selecting the ingredients for our product. No-Bite-Me™ has been thoughtfully formulated with gentle, natural ingredients and avoids harsh chemicals like DEET. It is designed to be non-irritating and minimize potential risks. However, it's always advisable to perform a patch test and consult with a healthcare provider or veterinarian if needed.

Q: How long does the protection from No-Bite-Me™ last?

A: After 40 years of use we have found that our No-Bite-Me™ cream gives up to four hours of protection and our No-Bite-Me™ soap gives up to two hours of protection. 

Q: Is it waterproof?

A: No, No-Bite-Me™ is not waterproof or sweat proof. You must reapply No-Bite-Me™ again after you get out the water and more frequently on hot, humid, sweaty days. 

Q: Can No-Bite-Me™ be used in conjunction with sunscreen?

A: No-Bite-Me™ does not contain SPF. Apply your sun protection first and then apply No-Bite-Me on top. It's important to make sure that No-Bite-Me™ is always the strongest scent on your person.

Q: How does No-Bite-Me™ work to repel insects and prevent bites?

A: When applied to the skin, No-Bite-Me™ forms a protective scent barrier that insects are less likely to penetrate. The fast-acting scent provides as a powerful deterrent, making it less likely for mosquitoes, ticks, fleas, and other insects to land on and bite you.

Q: Does No-Bite-Me™ have a strong smell or leave a residue?

A: Our No-Bite-Me bug repellent has a strong fast-acting scent due to the blend of effective herbs and essential oils. The majority of people find the citrusy and minty scent pleasing! No-Bite-Me leaves your skin feeling moisturized, not "sticky" or "filmy". It also DOES NOT stain clothes. 

Q: Can No-Bite-Me™ be used on clothing or camping gear?

A: We recommend that  No-Bite-Me™ is first and foremost used on your exposed skin for best results, but hikers and gardeners also apply small amounts of what's left of their hands to the brim of their hats, and socks!

Q: Does No-Bite-Me™ Expire?

A: No-Bite-Me™ does not expire, UNLESS it freezes or dries out. IF OIL AND CREAM SEPARATE, simply mix back together. DO NOT ADD WATER at any time. 

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