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Balsam Vetiver (Reserve)


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Originally named Reserve, we've changed the name to Balsam Vetiver to showcase the most dominate scent profile of this beautiful mossy green soap bar. 

KRUDD is one soap to rule them all -  a premium shampoo bar, robust body, and shave bar all in one.  Ultimate convenience, and maximum sustainability. Our plant butter blend, combined with a sophisticated medley of pure essential oils, elevates your senses and leaves your skin and hair renewed. 

You never knew bars of soap could be this good and that your skin and hair could be so cared for.    

For Body: Can be used daily and often in shower as a body, face and hand wash. Lather in hands, with wash cloth or with our Ayate Cloth or Pouch. Expect a creamy lather without a lot of bubbles. We never add bubble enhancers!

For Shampoo: Apply bar directly to hair in a circular motion to create lather or create a light lather in your hands and massage into hair. Rinse thoroughly, especially at roots. Repeat if desired. Avoid eye contact.

For Shave: Lather the soap bar directly on skin or lather in hands. Apply soap lather to the area you want to shave, making sure to cover it completely.

Olive Oil Blend, Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Cupuacu Butter, Charcoal Powder, Barley Grass Powder and signature blend of essential oils. 

Balsam Vetiver (Reserve)


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