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Foot Care Set


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Foot care is often overlooked. Our feet are far from our eyes - in our socks, our shoes, under the covers - but when summer arrives, or our "dogs are barking" (aka "my feet are killing me!") as some of us say, we take notice.

Like all Sallye Ander products, the Foot Care Set is an effective solution for your feet. Enjoy the cooling relief and anti-fungal properties of our Eucalyptus Soap. Remove dry, shedding skin with our genuine volcanic Pumice Stone (won't wear away!) and finish with our relaxing and moisturizing Heavy Duty Foot Therapy Cream (contains White Willow!). Your feet will thank you.

The Sallye Ander Foot Care set contains one Eucalyptus Soap Bar , one 2oz Heavy Duty Foot Therapy Cream and one Pumice Stone, all in a complimentary branded screen printed pouch. Visit individual product pages for ingredients and more information. 


Foot Care Set


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