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A beautiful rainbow, made from a mix of our different soaps, layered into one bar. It’s perfectly, imperfect, making each one unique!

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At our factory, we're committed to reducing soap waste and maximizing efficiency. This commitment led us to create the captivating Kaleid-O-Soap bar. Utilizing our meticulous handmade soap-making process, each batch naturally yields a small amount of excess soap. Rather than letting it go unused, we ingeniously layer the soap that remains in the bowl after filling up our trays to craft a singular bar, resulting in a mesmerizing interplay of vibrant colors and intricate patterns – sometimes featuring up to 15 layers! The result is a bar that harmoniously blends distinct rainbow-hued soaps, guaranteeing an unparalleled sensory experience for your senses of smell, sight, and touch. Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to indulge in sustainable luxury.

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