“No-Bite-Me” Bug Repellent Cream


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One of our best selling products! Keep the bugs at bay with SallyeAnder’s “No Bite Me” Bug Repellent Cream. It’s DEET free, safe for kids and won’t harm lake and streams.

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DEET-free, you’ll love it, bugs hate it, safe for kids, safe for pets
Our best selling product tested against the world’s toughest bugs

“No-Bite-Me: tells bugs to do just that. In 1982, when one of Gary and Karen’s children yelled “No-Bite-Me!” to a bug, an idea and a best-selling product was born. Created from 18 essential oils, No-Bite-Me is a soft, great smelling cream that you don’t have to slather all over, just dab on exposed skin and smooth it out. It is actually good for your skin, unlike spray products that are loaded with drying alcohol. “No-Bite-Me” does an extraordinary job of driving bugs away. Our customers have put it to the toughest tests over the years. It has driven off some feisty bugs for soldiers in Afghanistan, helped our customers brave the jungle in Thailand where the mosquitoes are vicious. Just recently, a customer told us that he shared an apartment with four other travelers in Central America. He had “No-Bite-Me” the others didn’t. They got dengue fever, he did not. Effective on black flies, mosquitoes, ticks, ants, sand-fleas, fleas, and spiders! It also works as an after-bite if you forget to use it. One jar will last a family of four for two summers. “No-Bite’Me” only from SallyeAnder, this little jar is the difference between a miserable vacation, or fishing trip, or garden adventure, and a great one.

cedar oil, eugenol, lemongrass oil, geranium oil, clove oil, mint oil, rosemary oil, thyme oil, soy and canola oils, and rosemary needle.

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2 oz., 8 oz.

27 reviews for “No-Bite-Me” Bug Repellent Cream

  1. CJ Bauer

    This is the best prevention for all biting bugs I have found for myself and my 2 horses. I use it in their ears as it is soothing and smells good to them. GREAT PRODUCT

  2. kathy pikula

    Thank you so much…there are little black bugs in my yard in the spring that bite me terribly! ONLY ” No Bite Me” keeps them at bay and I was willing to drive to 45 miles to buy more! So much easier to go to Powers Market just a few miles away!

  3. john h

    I live in The Woodlands, Texas just north of Houston and we have had a tremendous amount of rain this year. Needless to say, the mosquito’s are horrible. I have used Deep Woods in the past and while it works very well, I actually feel a bit nauseated after having it on for a while. Too much DEET I suppose. I also hate spraying all of the stuff on just to go out and grill a steak, come back into the house, sit down on the couch and then have the furniture smelling like mosquito repellent.

    I decided to try this product and I put it on this morning before going outside to spend 3 hours mowing the yard. I did not have any mosquito bites! This stuff really works well and I did not have any of the nausea that I sometimes get with DEET. I must say though, that it’s not the best smelling stuff, but I guess that is why it repels mosquito’s to begin with. It’s made with about a 1/2 dozen natural oils. My wife actually liked the way it smelled. It does die down after a while or I got used to it.

    It’s kind of pricey for the amount that you get, but it doesn’t take too much of it. I work in the yard with shorts on and no shirt, so I had it on my legs, arms, neck, my front and my back, and I was fine the entire time.

    When this runs out, I’ll be buying more of it.

  4. brenda r

    I bought No-Bite-Me on a trip to Thailand. My parents were already there vacationing and had warned that they were covered in head-to-toe mosquito bites. I am a walking drinking fountain for those little buggers, so I knew I needed to be constantly lathered in repellent but didn’t want anything as harsh as deet. This cream worked really well on me and I only came away with 1 or 2 mosquito bites during the two weeks I was abroad. I also would bathe in No Bite Me anti-mosquito soap, then applied this cream after the shower. I typically reapplied once or twice more in the day depending on the number of outdoor activities. The herbal fragrance is a little strong, but not as pungent as citronella and way better than the smell of deet. One 2 oz jar got me through two weeks in the tropics. A person’s body chemistry and/or geographic location may determine how well this product will work on a person, but given that it’s a great alternative to deet it is certainly worth a try.

  5. nicholas s

    Unbelievable – this works!! Tried everything. Now buying it for everyone we care about who has a mosquito problem. Besides working like a miracle, best thing is it’s natural and feels like nothing is on. Please, give it a try, we’ve been searching for years and have spent thousands of dollars literally on keeping the bugs away from my kids.

  6. donna kane

    A friend bought me the soap. It worked so well, I bought it for my daughter and her family.

  7. Leslie Perkins

    Love this stuff! I had been munched on severely by misquitos for 2 weeks at the barn, on the trail, running and walking, just walking to the car or in bed, even at my office desk. I wash with the soap, dot myself up each morning with lotion and reapply in evening, or as I feel needed. Even in the woods by the lake, no bites! This is my new summer perfume.

  8. leisa montgomery

    It has a wonderful smell and works really well. I love knowing that we were using product that is safe and effective.

  9. Roxana Taylor

    Apart from smelling AWESOME, “NO Bite Me”, really keeps those little pesky mosquitos away, I tried this while I was out in Texas (Large Mosquitos) and it was AWESOME, no bites and smelled terrific the whole trip!!!! Folks even asked what perfume I had on……had to laugh and replied….No Bite Me, which is a natural essential oil bug repellant. JUST FANTASTIC!

  10. Rick Johnanson

    I love this item, not only is it great for repelling against mosquitoes during backyard bbqs in new york, i took this item halfway across the world to New Zealand and Australia to test it out and it worked amazingly against the quarter sized mosquitoes there as well. If you have been to Australia you will know what i mean (those mosquitoes are not only HUGE, they aren’t afraid of people at all..and they are everywhere!) This was a holy grail item which my sister and i used religiously during our trip there. On the great ocean drive tour some mosquitoes managed to get inside the tour bus and my sister placed this jar near the ones who landed on the window near her, it made them dizzy and fall halfway flying! i am truly amazed by not only how effective it is in repelling the mosquitoes but for the unlucky few who managed to get bitten it works great as an after bite and relieves the itching immediately. A little bit of this product goes a long way and if i ever run out i would definitely repurchase. **some of you might not be a fan of the smell, but it reminds me of tiger balm or Chinese herbal medicine and personally i don’t mind it.

  11. Jess

    We purchased some of the SallyeAnder no-bite-me bug repellent at our local health food store in Nova Scotia prior to a trip to the local zoo. This stuff worked like a charm and while it smells its defintly bearable and not overwhelming

  12. Abigail

    I bought the no bite me cream at an Amish country store in PA. It’s by far the best repellent to keep those nasty “skitos”, as my 2 year old calls them, away. I’m hesitant to use any traditional bug spray on kids and dogs but this is all natural and smells great! We routinely put this on when we take hikes, our daughter even asks for her “bug balm”!! We love this stuff!!

  13. April L

    It’s the best thing ever and totally worth the cost! I bought a 2 oz jar the summer of 2013 and I’m still using the same jar. I still have more then half of it left. The summer of 2014 i was lazy and didn’t go out much, so I didn’t use it that year. But I worked outside all summer for 2013, 2015 and since May this year. This stuff lasts! You don’t need much. I just dip my finger in and dap it around any exposed skin, then rub it in. I rub some on my hands and then rub my face and hair. The only thing it doesn’t work for is horseflies (but it doesn’t claim to either). It says it works for up to 4 hours, but for me it lasts all day… even if I’m sweating or lightly spray myself when watering plants. It’s deet free and safe for kids and pets. It does have a strong smell that I didn’t like at first, but now I love the smell of it.

  14. Home Cookin’

    Although I am a regular DEET user, having spent time in the buggiest areas of the world (India, SE Asia, Ontario, AUS, and the worst, the ESVA with its salt marsh mosquitos), and I’m not generally a natural/organic guy, I have found the no-bite-me cream to be most effective repellant; it’s a bonus that it’s DEET free, natural and smells good.

    It’s great for the evenings and sleeping to keep the no-seeums out of your ears. I’ve mostly used it around my face but others used it all over and keep clouds of black flies at bay. Expensive but worth it; a tiny dab does it all and it lasts on you. A small jar will last a long time.

  15. Ginella Diaz


  16. Chris Henderson

    This stuff is great! I live in an area of PA that has a real tick problem. We have a number of types. I have never had a bite on an area treated with this stuff.

  17. Melissa

    We just bought it today. We are outside alot
    Buhs love us. Biggest fear is finding a tick on us, our 4 year old son. Glad it is deet free and we wont be a walking bug spray bottle
    Question can you use this on your dogs and cats? If so where do you put it on them?

    Thank you, .

  18. Emily Nowicki

    This product works!!! I live on 15 acres in Northern Michigan and we have Ticks, Skeeters, Black Flies (that my daughter and I are allergic to) and millions of other little pests. This WORKS!!! Plus, there are no harsh chemicals and I LOVE the way it smells. I love that it’s safe enough that I can use it on my small children. My husband used to spray himself with a half a can of Deet before going outside (YUCK!) and I got him to (reluctantly) try this, now it is all he uses too. Thank you for making this and please, never stop!!!

  19. wlucka57 (verified owner)

    I first bought it in Florida at a boutique. Taking it back home to Wisconsin was the real test as my yard is very shady, mosquitoes really will carry you away!!! Low and behold…the product works great! If I don’t want to wash it off later, I don’t!
    This is THE thing for summer!!!!

  20. briad12

    THE best bug/pest repellent, and bite soother, on the market!

  21. Gwyneth

    This is the product that first got me turned on to SallyeAnder products, and let me tell you, I always have a tub of this stuff at the ready. I teach an outdoor play class for kids, and we are constantly in mosquito territory. Not a worry at all when I bring this stuff! Everyone can just put on a few dabs and we are good to go. Great tick prevention, too! I can’t say enough about how GREAT this stuff smells, too. If I have to wear any other bug repellent, I can’t wait to go home and wash it off. Not No-Bite-Me! It smells so good I look forward to putting it on!

  22. samanthadschneider

    My dad gets into EVERYTHING and I mean EVERYTHING. Poison oak, poison ivy, bugs etc. He lives by this stuff. 10/10 recommend! It is such a pleasure to buy from a company that prides itself on the health of its consumers and the environment. What we put on our skin gets directly absorbed. It’s nice to know that a product is both safe and effective. Thank you!

  23. loupizzuti

    GREAT Stuff.
    I’ve said it before.
    Avon’s Skin-so-soft is often spoken of as a bug repellent. Well, I’ve have mosquitoes DIVE BOMB through it to get to my skin.
    With No-Bite-Me, the bugs keep their distance.
    And, when I’ve gotten bit before applying it, No-Bite-Me has taken the swelling down.
    I can’t speak more highly of it. It’s worth every cent – and then some.

  24. kkitchen1

    Bought this product for first time! Very fast delivery and works amazingly well in the Adirondacks where we have black flies, mosquitoes, dear flies and am pleased with the way it protects you. Would highly recommend and will keep on hand from now on!

  25. mmejolie (verified owner)

    I ordered this and before it arrived, did a 3 mile walk in a forested state park. Tons of mosquitoes, several bites. Product arrived the next day, did another walk in the woods, plenty of bugs flying around me, but none landed, and none bit me. I call that a win! Always have it with me now. I have asthma and some products overwhelm me – this does not.

  26. milllie55.vmh (verified owner)

    Holy..Moly!!! When the bugs go on the attack, I ended up looking like free lunch! Even the top of my head would get bit up. Not any more! Just a little bit of No Bite Me on my fingertips and starting from my scalp, down, not one single nibble!! A huge Thank You!!

  27. john.smith-horn (verified owner)

    Amazing – had a friend recommend “No-Bite-Me”, my first order was delivered on Friday and my wife and I were hiking on Saturday BUG FREE! Great scent and it is true that you just need a pinch. Followed this up with a hike on Sunday with a few others and then a late afternoon picnic. Everyone ‘dipped’ and we had a fantastic afternoon! Thank you!!

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