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Summer Love Soap


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Summer Love is back for a limited time! The perfect companion for those sunny days when refreshment and rejuvenation are most needed!

Indulge in the floral-focused aroma, masterfully crafted with the essence of Jasmine, Lavender, and Rose Essential Oils. The delightful blend is artfully balanced with the grounding notes of Vetiver, offering a soothing and dreamy sensory experience.

Enriched with the goodness of Calendula and Rose Petals, it provides a host of benefits to your skin. These petals work harmoniously to ease inflammation, provide deep nourishment, and reduce redness caused by irritation, leaving your skin feeling soothed and supported.

Jasmine Essential Oil, with its sweet and floral aroma, adds a touch of romance to your shower ritual. It promotes a sense of relaxation, and its natural antibacterial properties also help maintain healthy skin. Lavender Essential Oil, renowned for its calming qualities, aids in skin cell rejuvenation.

Plus, if you have sensitive skin, fret not! Summer Love is formulated like all of our soaps to be sensitive skin friendly, ensuring that everyone can enjoy its gentle and nourishing benefits.

So, whether you seek a moment of solitary bliss or wish to share the enchantment with someone special, our Summer Love Essential Soap is here to make your summer shower experience truly memorable.

Always long-lasting, always sensitive skin friendly.
5 Ounces. 

Can be used daily and often in shower as a body, face and hand wash.
Lather in hands, with wash cloth or with our Ayate Cloth or Pouch.
Expect a creamy lather without a lot of bubbles. We never add bubble enhancers!

Olive Oil Blended Base (Olive and Vegetable), Rose and Calendula Petals, and Lavender, Rose, Vetiver, Jasmine Essential Oils. 

Summer Love Soap


Key Ingredients

Jasmine image


Its captivating aroma not only enhances the senses but also provides a soothing effect on the skin and mind. The oil's potent antioxidants help protect the skin from free radicals, reducing signs of aging and promoting a youthful complexion. Jasmine essential oil is known for its moisturizing properties, helping to hydrate and nourish the skin, leaving it soft and supple. Its antiseptic properties assist in preventing acne and blemishes, while its calming nature makes it suitable for sensitive or irritated skin.

Rose image


Rich in antioxidants, Rose offers protection against environmental stressors. Their soothing properties also calm and reduce inflammation, leaving your skin refreshed and revitalized. Roses provide deep hydration, refine pores, even out skin tone, and promote collagen production, resulting in a more radiant and youthful complexion.

Lavender image


Lavender essential oil is renowned for its exceptional skin benefits. Its soothing properties help alleviate skin redness and irritation, making it ideal for sensitive or inflamed skin. The oil's natural antiseptic qualities also cleanse and purify the skin, promoting a healthy complexion. Lastly, lavender oil brings aromatherapy benefits, inducing a sense of calm and relaxation, making it a perfect addition to your skincare routine for both physical and mental well-being.

Calendula  image


Calendula's natural antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties help soothe and calm irritated skin, making it ideal for sensitive or problematic skin types. Additionally, calendula's healing abilities accelerate the recovery process of wounds and cuts, and is also known for its ability to moisturize and hydrate the skin, improving its texture and suppleness.

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