Apple Crisp Lip Balm

Apple Crisp Lip Balm

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SallyeAnder sources luscious Hudson Valley apples to make your lips taste as good as they feel!

Take a look at the ingredients in our SallyeAnder Apple Crisp Lip Balm, there are only three: New York State beeswax, olive oil, and apple essential oil. The apples were grown in the Hudson Valley, near where we make our products. The beeswax is local and the olive oil is specially sourced by us. All delicious, all clean, all edible.

This is the reason that, if you care about putting something safe, clean and delicious on your lips, we invite you to enjoy our Apple Crisp Lip Balm. It heals, it soothes and tastes like apple crisp. It has no ingredients that might draw moisture away from your lips (surprisingly, some of the nationally-known brands do) and it’s as wholesome as… apple crisp!

Olive Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Rosehip Oil, Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Cupuacu Butter, New York State Beeswax and Apple Oil

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